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Innovations in flavor science serving-up healthier desserts and confections

Have your cake and eat it, too – How innovations in flavor science and technology are serving-up healthier desserts and confections While desserts and confections still deliver familiarity and comfort, flavor technology is enabling permissible indulgence as this traditional category evolves to meet healthier consumer lifestyles.

By T. Hasegawa


2022-10-28T16:18:21-07:00October 28th, 2022|Flavor Education, In The News|

Rethinking Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Rethinking Refreshments: How Flavor Innovations and Science are Mixing-Up the Non-Alcoholic Beverage Category

Sales of non-alcoholic beverages are booming among younger consumers, fueled by a ‘sober curious’ trend during the pandemic – the flavor industry is responding with new ways to offer low-ABV excitement.

By T. Hasegawa


2022-04-29T08:59:50-07:00April 27th, 2022|Flavor Education, In The News|

Low-Calorie, High-Flavor: How the Complex Science of Flavor Development is Reshaping the Health and Sports Nutrition Industry

Consumers are seeking new foods and beverages that help with weight loss, strength training and improved mental function – but they don’t have to compromise on taste, thanks to new flavor technology.

As the ball drops at midnight in Times Square each year, millions of Americans ring in […]

2022-01-28T16:00:31-07:00January 28th, 2022|In The News, News|


California-based T. Hasegawa USA publishes annual report highlighting the latest developments in food/beverage consumer trends and up-and-coming ingredients.

CERRITOS, Calif. (Jan. 11, 2022) – For more than a century, T. Hasegawa has developed custom flavors for many of the world’s top food and beverage brands. Globally recognized for its innovation […]

2022-01-24T13:08:41-07:00January 11th, 2022|In The News|

Rich, Creamy and Dairy-Free: How advanced emulsion technology is delivering full-bodied flavor to dairy alternatives and low-fat foods.

Consumer food trends like plant-based dairy and reduced-fat are challenging brands to replicate the satisfying taste that whole milk provides – without relying on increasingly pricey edible oils. 

According to a survey by Consumer Reports the average supermarket in North America offers over 47,000 […]

2022-01-28T14:28:25-07:00December 3rd, 2021|In The News|
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