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T. Hasegawa develops custom flavors and fragrances. See how our flavor chemists have collaborated with clients to create innovative concepts through final product formulations.

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Whether you’re looking for indulgence or artisanal flavors, our experts know how to create flavors that meet unique processing requirements. Encompassing a continuously expanding range of new and traditional, our flavors are designed to stimulate the taste buds and satisfy customers’ passion for great tasting foods. Explore our most popular flavor categories or view all of our flavor concepts.

Breakthrough Flavor Modulation

T. Hasegawa understands the importance of masking to optimize flavor. That’s why we keep up to date on how the industry is persistently changing, and are able to predict customer needs and stay in the forefront of modulation. Learn more about flavor modulation or contact us to discuss improving the flavor and aromas of your new or existing products.

See our latest flavor modulation technologies:

BOOSTRACT® – Enhancing kokumi in food and beverages

EmulsiTRACTTM – Fat mimetic technology

HASEAROMATM – Reproduce that “First Bite” sensation

ChefAromaTM – Chef Inspired Flavors in Less Time

BOOSTRACT - Flavor Modulation
EmulsiTRACT- Flavor Modulation
Hasearoma - Flavor Modulation
ChefAroma - Flavor Modulation

See what our clients are saying about us in a recent customer survey

“T.Hasegawa has a great R&D, applications development team, a great manufacturing and sales team. They have wonderful flavors!”

- Avery P..

“Excellent customer service, wide library of products and capabilities, certainly the best meat flavors and MOQs.”

- Carolyn C.

“T.Hasegawa is an amazing company and the dynamic and care given to the flavors is outstanding.”

- Bryant L.

“The accuracy, speed, and quality of T.Hasegawa flavors is above and beyond.”

- Dominique Y.


We keep our finger on the pulse of flavor trends and publish regular reports for you to view and download. Stay current, subscribe to our flavor flash series. Take a look at our recent trending flavors and ingredients.
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Want to talk to us about your next flavor project?

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Want to talk to us about your next flavor project?

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