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Creamy corn chowder

BOOSTRACT® is T.Hasegawa’s innovative technology for adding and/or enhancing kokumi in food and beverages. Kokumi is the amplification in mouthfeel, taste and texture that enhances existing profiles.

The kokumi effect delivers mouthfeel and depth to taste, by increasing richness while maintaining the balance between flavors. One example is the difference between skim milk (which we find thin and watery) vs. whole milk (where higher fat content provides a more luxurious experience).

Flavor modulators are created by our flavor chemists by combining building blocks of aromatic and non-aromatic molecules. Flavor modulators for masking, enhancing, boosting, and blocking work to best meet your product’s flavor goals. Our BOOSTRACT® technology is achieved through three different methods—extraction, enzymatic, and thermal reaction—sometimes in combination.

Whether imparting the rich flavor of a roasted chicken soup, adding a beefy flavor note in meat alternatives, heightening a delicate raspberry flavor in a frozen dessert or pioneering a distinct note of a less common tropical fruit in a beverage, the need for flavor enhancement can be essential.

Reach out below to explore how BOOSTRACT® can provide the functionality you’re looking for to take your food and beverage to the next level.

Creamy corn chowder

Data analysis of the global flavor enhancers market shows expected growth at a CAGR* of around 6.5%.

2027 – $11.5b
2019 – $6.6b

* Compounded annual growth rate.