Flavor creation is only one step in the process of meeting customer needs. Our applications team — which includes highly-trained Certified Culinary Scientists — works collaboratively with our flavor chemists to partner with our customers. Together, we develop extraordinary and on-trend culinary creations using our flavors. Our role is to demonstrate how our flavors can help to create delicious new foods and beverages for our customers and their consumers.


Innovative new formulations targeted by user, usage occasion, product benefit and/or product form requires a palette of unique new flavors that draw on the creativity and knowledge of our flavor experts. In creating imaginative new flavors and developing applications we help fuel consumer preference and growth.

Whether you’re looking for indulgence or artisanal flavors, our experts know how to create flavors that meet unique processing requirements. Our flavors encompass a continuously expanding range of new and traditional flavors, designed to stimulate the taste buds and satisfy consumers’ passion for great tasting foods.

Our philosophy which is at the foundation of T. Hasegawa is to collaborate with both emerging entrepreneurs as well as long established companies to provide a rapid response, flexibility in service and unparralled science behind our flavors to create value our customers need to promote unrivaled taste and aroma across their brands.


Our applications team at T. Hasegawa acts is a strategic partner that is committed to your success. We make sure the flavors you choose are on trend, provides optimal flavor technology, and delivers high quality taste and aroma. We understand that a supported partner is a successful partner. Watch our applications  explainer video “Food and Beverage Flavor Applications – The Keys to Success”.


Unlike price-per-pound, cost-in-use focuses on the more accurate cost of flavor that can optimize your full-product spend, price your product accurately, deliver on taste, and win over consumers. The T. Hasegawa team will educate you on the cost in use process and help you create the right flavor profile in a cost-efficient manner, and develop better performing flavors at a lower cost-in-use.

Flavor Concepts