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Diving into the diversity of Asian flavors: Masala, shoyu and kimchi all come in countless variations

The US food industry and American consumers still have many journeys ahead in exploring the diversity of Asian flavors. Masala from India, shoyu (a Japanese-style soy sauce) and kimchi from South Korea are examples of flavors that vary in heat levels, sweetness and color, often influenced by the geographic region of origin.

Interest in Asian flavors continues to increase. A Euromonitor report showed sales of Asian food at quick-service restaurants grew by more than 135% over the last 25 years, said Doug Resh, director, commercial marketing for T. Hasegawa USA, Cerritos, Calif. The report forecast a compound annual growth rate of nearly 12% through 2026.

“One of the key trends related to Asian cuisine is the growing consumer appetite for spicy foods,” Mr. Resh said. “Many Asian dishes are notoriously spicy, and the market for hot sauce grows expo-nentially every year.” Read More

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