“Committed to Safety and Delivery, Our Quality Team has a passion for Perfection and Precision”

Our tenured staff is specialized to support production from beginning to end. Always audit-ready, we welcome visits by our customers, third party auditors and regulatory authorities.

FSMA Compliant
BRC – AA Certified
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
Physical and Chemical Tests
Sensory Evaluation

 Microorganism and Allergen Tests
 International Standards Governed
 Process Control

 Verification and Validation
 Food Defense and Security
 Corrective and Preventative Actions

With our USDA Organic certification, we can also meet your organic flavor needs. We pride ourselves on pioneering flavors and finding new ways to satisfy our customers. The organic certifications we hold at both our Corona and Cerritos facilities is another step we’ve taken toward meeting growing consumer demand for clean label, non-GMO, and organic products. This organic certification simply underscores the commitment across our entire company in developing flavors that exceeds customer expectations

Food Certifications

Our flavor chemist team is certainly able to develop a flavor that will blow you away, contact us today.