Flavor Trends for 2022

California-based T. Hasegawa USA publishes annual report highlighting the latest developments in food/beverage consumer trends and up-and-coming ingredients.

CERRITOS, Calif. (Jan. 11, 2022) – For more than a century, T. Hasegawa has developed custom flavors for many of the world’s top food and beverage brands. Globally recognized for its innovation and expertise in flavor development, the company remains at the forefront of consumer trends and shares these developments and research findings throughout the food and beverage industry.

Today, California-based T. Hasegawa USA announces the publication of its free downloadable 2022 Food and Beverage Flavor Report. This annual trend report combines leading industry research findings with the latest data from T. Hasegawa’s product development and sales teams to predict upcoming changes in what consumers will look for in packaged foods, beverages and even foodservice.

“With consumer food and beverage tastes continually evolving, our team is on the frontline of which flavors are trending each year, along with the innovations and consumer behaviors that are driving these trends,” said Doug Resh, Director of Commercial Marketing for T. Hasegawa USA. “Our goal with the annual flavor report is to add some context to the changes in our industry and a look ahead at what’s coming in flavors each year.”

Highlights from the T. Hasegawa 2022 Food and Beverage Flavor Report include:

  • Top Ingredient Trends for hydration, energy-boosting, mental health and more
  • Top Overall Consumer Trends such as clean label alternatives, gut health and more
  • Dessert and Confection trends, ingredients and findings
  • Snack food trends and unexpected flavors
  • Regional and International flavor trends that are resonating with U.S. consumers
  • Yogurt and Yogurt Drink Trends – the latest in health-based flavor developments.
  • Protein and Meat Alternative flavors and ingredients that are trending this year
  • Dip and Sauce flavors – including the latest international-inspired flavors
  • Soup and Broth trends, ingredients and emerging varieties
  • Prepared Meal Trends – how meal kits are unlocking new consumer flavor preferences
  • Top Non-Alcoholic Beverage Trends of 2022 – including mocktails, RTE tea and more
  • Sports Nutrition Beverage trends – unexpected flavors and ingredients for 2022
  • Alcohol Beverage Trends – how innovative flavors and ingredients are driving sales

The 2022 Food and Beverage Flavor Report is available for free download at Thasegawa.com/flavor-trends-2022.

About T. Hasegawa USA, Inc.

For more than a century, T. Hasegawa has made ‘Life Taste Better’ through custom flavors and fragrances developed for the world’s top food and beverage brands. T. Hasegawa is recognized around the world for its innovation and product differentiation, which builds our clients’ product flavor to unparalleled standards. Through a passion for culinary creation and a strong faith in the power of aroma and taste, T. Hasegawa’s flavor experts work to improve the way we experience food and beverages.

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