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The Foundations of Flavor: How the Reaction Process Gives Authenticity to Savory Foods

Imagine you’re attending an outdoor barbecue or tailgate party this summer. You’re sipping on an iced coffee mocha, others are drinking iced tea, family and friends are grilling smoked sausage or veggie burgers and serving up spicy hot wings. The slow-cooker is warming some roasted jalapeno queso on a table full of snacks like mesquite BBQ potato chips and fresh-cut vegetables with caramelized onion dip. Perhaps there is even a tray of baked desserts like chocolate chip cookies or fried cinnamon churros.

What’s the common thread between all of these foods?

The answer is reaction flavors​. The entire menu consists of foods that are developed and refined by the world’s top flavorists to accurately reproduce the taste of culinary dishes. Read More

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