“We have the curiosity to experiment”

We work alongside our customers to create flavors that are customized and unique. We have developed more patented technology in the flavor industry than most of our competitors.

Staying at the forefront of technology and innovation is not just single dimensional. It’s coming from many different angles. T. Hasegawa places the customer first, and we work with customers very closely – they’re at the forefront of quite a bit of innovation.

Typically the process we follow at T. Hasegawa, is to understand the materials in the formulation we’re either working on, or developing – and collaborate with our customers. We want to understand and identify possible flavor imbalances, and aversive off notes. In the world of science, technology & innovation, serendipity definitely plays a role and we have the curiosity to experiment. If it doesn’t work effectively in this, what happens when we try it in that? What happens if we combine a masking and a mouthfeel flavor? It’s really collaborating with our customer’s on innovation, being proactive and using trend analysis to look forward, and using our experts to seamlessly integrate solutions to the challenges food and beverage formulations face.

Technology and Innovation

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Micro Encapsulation

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Patented Sensory and Physiological Analysis Methods

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