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Flavor is more than what meets the mouth. We’ll be your guide on a flavor creation journey, from the lab to the final product.

Illustration with fruit and beakers depicting food science

Need an education on flavors? Look no further than our comprehensive Taste Academy program. Our experienced team will cover the basics, from defining flavor to the science behind the creation process. Whether you’re new to the food business, a knowledgeable product developer, or an aspiring flavor connoisseur, our skilled team is here to guide you.

Understanding Flavor

Our senses have a way of experiencing flavors differently. Learn about the defining characteristics flavor poses in our food and the journey it takes within our body.

Flavors at a Molecular Level

While nature has its way of producing flavors naturally, discover the science behind the source.

Flavor Creation

Get a hands-on demonstration of how our chemists create flavors. Gain insight into the techniques and processes they use to craft captivating flavors.

Sensory Analysis

Explore the advanced methods T. Hasegawa uses to analyze the flavor creation process. From intricate flavor mapping to tracking brain activity, you’ll gain a deep understanding of how we perfect our flavors.

R&D Department Overview

Find out how the R&D team is structured and their role in making food flavorful and innovative.

By the end of our Taste Academy program, you will leave with a profound sense of accomplishment and a newfound expertise in flavors.