What is EmulsiTRACT?

T. Hasegawa’s patented flavor technology EmulsiTRACT was developed for the overall enhancement of mouthfeel to your food or beverage products adding a creamy, dairy, milky and fatty experience that is sure to delight both dairy and non-dairy consumers.

EmulsiTRACT - No Milk Ingredients

No Milk Ingredients

EmulsiTRACT - Emulsion Technology

Emulsion Technology Adds Milk Mouthfeel and Creaminess

EmulsiTRACT - Milk Substitute Materials

Milk Substitute Materials

EmulsiTRACT Cost Benefits

Cost Reduction Benefits

Composition of EmulsiTRACT

EmulsiTRACT is an emulsified flavoring technology that combines edible fats and oils, which gives a creamy sensation, with flavor components that enhance other flavors, and a particle size that has been adjusted to a level close to that of cow’s milk. This allows EmulsiTRACT to give a thick, creamy sensation. This technology provides functionality, thickness and richness to your product lines where milk fat or fat replacers are often sought after to create a better augmented texture. EmulsiTRACT can also limit the dependency on palm oil leading to an oil reduction and/or cost in use alleviation.

EmulsiiTRACT - Edible Oils

Edible Fats and Oils

EmulsiiTRACT - Enhances Taste

Flavor Components to Enhance Taste

EmulsiTRACT - Particle Size

Particle Size Close to Cow’s Milk

EmulsiTRACT Benefits

Benefits and Functions of Fat in Food and Beverages

EmulsiTRACT - Benefits and Functions of Fat
EmulsiTRACT-Mouth Feel

Overall Enhancements and Benefits of Using EmulsiTRACT

EmulsiTRACT-Mouth Feel

Creamier Mouthfeel

Richer Fattiness

Astringency Masking

Protein Masking

Oil Reduction

Reduced Fat

Beverage Applications

Dairy/Non-Dairy Creamer

Dairy/Non-Dairy Milk

Ready to Mix (RTM)
Dairy/Non-Dairy Protein

Ready to Drink (RTD)
Dairy/Non-Dairy Protein

RTD Coffee
(with cream/milk/whitening included)

Food Applications

Ice Cream/Non-Dairy Frozen Yogurt

Dairy/Non-Dairy Yogurt


Creamy Salad Dressings/Dips

Emulsion Based Sauces
(Hollandaise, Cream Based)

Cream Based Sauces

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